Jun 14, 2017 59

How to add text to your story

Just point, click and start typing.

To customize any text in your story, you can use the text panel or text menu.

The text panel will automatically open on the right side of your screen when you're working on text. To use the text menu, simply highlight a portion of text and select from any of the options available.

From the editing menu you can you can:

Make the text bold

Make the text italicized

Make the text underlined

Add a link to the text

Change the text to H1 style

Change the text to H2 style

Make the text a quote
  1. Add a numbered list
  • Add a bulleted list

From the side panel you can customize additional formatting options: (font style, alignment, color, size, etc).

To reset any text back to its default theme style, click Reset Style.

Note: Any changes you make to the style settings of your story will affect the Reset Style option.