Dec 05, 2017 11

How to add navigation tabs in your story

Adding navigation tabs

Story navigation tabs create a clear map to the key sections of your content. 

There are two steps to creating story navigation: 

  1. Use H1 to create your desired tabs 
  2. Enable story navigation in embed options

Use H1 to create your desired tabs

Create the navigation titles for your content. Then, select the titles and convert them into H1:

Note: to change the style of your H1, click on 'Edit Style Settings' from the Settings Icon.

Enable story navigation in embed options

With your story complete and its H1 navigation headers in place, click the Post button in the top right corner. (If you're editing a posted story, click the Update button in the same location.)

With the Share panel open, click on 'OPTIONS' to open the embed panel. From there, select 'Show Story Navigation.'

Once you've selected the 'Show Story Navigation' option, click Copy Embed Code to copy the embed with your desired options.

Use this embed code to include navigation tabs wherever your story is featured.