Jun 14, 2017 59

How to add media to your story

Using our awesome elements panel

Need to add an element to your story? Navigate straight to the elements panel to add grids, media and other exciting elements to your story.

From the elements panel you can add basic elements like textboxes, images or layouts to your story, or insert media directly from external platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and more.

Select the elements option from the left side panel to see the options inside the elements panel:

Choose from the basic elements up top, or from the media and commerce options below:

Once you've found the desired element, click on it to add it into your story. Then select where in your story you'd like to add the new element.

Note: Keep in mind that embeds like YouTube or Vimeo videos can also be added by copying and pasting the link directly in the story. To learn more about adding videos, visit this page.