Jun 14, 2017 17

How to add a textbox to your story

Use a textbox in the body of your story or in a grid

To add a textbox to your story or grid, click on any plus sign and then the A icon.

To enter text, simply type text directly into the textbox. 

To customize the text, use the text formatting options as described here.

Customizing a textbox

There are two ways to customize your textbox:

1. Via the textbox menu

2. Via the textbox panel

Editing via the textbox menu

Selecting a single textbox in your story will generate the black textbox menu.

Discover the menu features available from the slideshow below.

Editing via the textbox panel

Selecting a textbox in a grid or story will generate the textbox panel on the right hand side of the screen.

From here you can: