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How to add a grid to your story

Key Topics 

Add a Grid

Customize a Grid

Editing via the grid menu

Editing via the grid panel

Add A Grid 

You can add a grid by clicking on the grid icon or by adding photos and objects from the plus icon.

Creating a new grid

Once you have the grid set-up, you can continue to remove or add objects to it at any time. 

Adding to a grid

Customize the Grid

There are two ways to customize your grid:

1. Via the grid menu

2. Via the grid panel

Editing via the grid menu

Selecting an image will generate the black grid menu.

Discover the grid menu features available from the slideshow below:

Editing via the grid panel

Selecting an existing grid in your story will open the grid panel on the right side of your screen. 

To customize the grid using the panel, make sure you select the options listed under "Grid":

From the grid panel you can change and adjust the grid layout. To learn more about this feature, visit this page.

In addition to turning on/off full width mode, you can also adjust the background color, margin size, vertical & horizontal paddings, and the width of the grid here.

Two additional options worth noting are Duplicate and Save As Template.

To automatically duplicate the grid in the same story, click Duplicate

To save the template for future use on any story, click Save as Template

Learn more about grid templates here

To crop an image using autogrid, see the page Cropping an Image in Autogrid.