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Grouping stories into collections

Using Collections

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With the Stories Manager open, you'll see the Collections panel on the left:

You can use Collections in two ways: 

1. Internal organization 

2. Live embedding

Creating a Collection

To use Collections for organizing brand stories internally with your team, click + New to create a new Collection.

Enter a name for your Collection and hit Save. If you are using the Collection for internal purposes only, you do not have to add an embed page URL.

Embed Collection Pages

If you are using Collections to publish stories directly to a specific landing page or site, follow the instructions as above but enter the URL of the page you want to publish to into the Embed Page URL field.

Once your Collections have been created and you've clicked Save, select All Stories in the Manager.

Then select the stories you want to add to your Collection and click More on the right hand side of the panel.

Then click Add To Collection.

Select the collections to where you'd like to move your selected stories. 

Click on the Done button to finish moving your stories to the desired collections.