Aug 27, 2018 57

Embedding Forms & Surveys

Form & survey support

Want to add a survey or form to your Maker story?

Maker supports form and survey embeds from the following providers:

  • Marketo
  • Hubspot
  • Google
  • Mailchimp
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Paperform

Note: If you'd like to embed a form created by a provider not mentioned in this list, please contact your Maker representative.

Adding the Embed

Begin by adding a pro layout to your story. Then to embed a form or survey to your story, simply copy the embed from your provider and embed it in the editor by clicking on the + sign and then the Add Embed icon. 

Note: All styles on the form are set and created in the embed provider (Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey etc). You cannot edit the styles or aspect ratios once embedded in Maker.