Apr 16, 2018 39

Launching a User-Generated Campaign

Getting your UGC Campaign started with Maker

Launching a user-generated content campaign with Maker is easy. Just follow the guidelines outlined below and schedule a call with your Maker representative to review the set-up and protocol.

1. First, create a page on your site where the campaign will live.

    • This can be a blank page on your site, or
    • Pick a container on a page with existing content (like a product page)
    2. Add Maker's embed code to that page (detailed below).
    3. Write the instructions for your campaign here.
      • (Note: These are the instructions that your customers will see before creating their content for your campaign.)
      4. Fill out your campaign details here.
      5. Set-up a call with Maker to test, and confirm the set-up.

      Example of copy used for campaign instructions.

      Embed options

      There are two ways to embed a UGC grid to your campaign using Maker.
      1. Create a Maker story for the landing page of your campaign and embed the UGC grid through our embed options, or
      2. Create a collection in Maker and embed that collection directly onto your page.

      Creating the Landing Page of your Campaign with Maker

      You can choose whether to use Maker for the landing page content for your campaign, or to create the content directly in your CMS. If you're using Maker to create this content, follow the workflow outlined below:
      1. Create a new Maker story for the landing page of your campaign. 
        • (Note: Maker sure to use strategic language and imagery to market your campaign's incentive.)
        2. Create a new collection in your Stories Manager that will be used for user-generated stories.
          •  For a refresher on how to add and create collections, see this page
          3. Embed your Maker story with your UGC collection added under "Show Related".
            • To do this, go to your story's embed code options, select "Show Related" and then select your recently created collection. Tick the box next to 'Show Share Your Story'. Then, customize the copy in the 'Change your related section text.' (For a refresher on customizing embed options, visit this page.)

            Creating the Landing Page of your Campaign in your CMS 

            If you're creating the content for your campaign's landing page elsewhere, all you need to do in Maker is:

            1. Create a new collection in your Stories Manager that will be used for user-generated stories.
            2. Embed that collection onto the campaign's page/container on your site.

              • To grab the embed code of a campaign, simply select the name of the campaign on the left-side panel in Stories Manager and click on "Copy embed code" on the right panel.

              Source Starter Stories

              Before going live with your campaign, we suggest sourcing some starter UGC stories from your community so that the shared collection is never empty. 

              For more insight on how to do this, revisit the influencer section of our UGC Best Practices doc, or reach out directly to your Maker representative.