Feb 19, 2018 22



Our beta editor enables rich content that exports into HTML and integrates with all major email marketing automation providers.

As the feature is still in beta, there are limitations worth noting: 

Email editor limitations


  • Maximum grid width of 600px
  • Background image or videos not supported
  • Video is not supported 


  • Cannot show cover
  • Cannot pin product or textbox
  • Cannot disable zoom


  • Cannot enable scroll

Grid limitations

  • Slider layout is not supported
  • Cannot go full-width
  • Cannot edit horizontal or vertical padding
  • Cannot add/edit margins


  • We highly recommend testing all emails using our beta editor using Litmus or another testing service before sending. As the product is still in beta mode, we cannot guarantee flawless execution at this stage.

Email editor workflow

From Stories Manager, click on your avatar to select New Email. You'll then be redirected to the email editor - a pared down version of Maker's classic editor.

Keeping in mind the limitations listed above, use Maker's familiar tools and capabilities to create an awesome-looking campaign.

When your email is finished, click on the Export button on the top right of the page to convert your stunning email into HTML. This may take a few minutes. 

When the export window opens, you can either copy the code on the left and paste it directly into your email marketing provider's 'code your own' template, or click Download to grab the HTML file and upload it in your provider's window to code your email in seconds. 

Copy and paste the code shown on the left; or, click 'Download' in the top right corner.

We highly recommend testing all emails in Litmus or a similar email client tester before sending.

Header and Footer

To add a header and footer to your first email, click on the settings icon on the top right of the page and select Edit Header and Footer

You'll then be redirected to a new tab where you can enter the custom code for your header and footer.

We highly recommend getting your engineers involved for this one-time set-up. Once your header and footer is saved and tested, you can save this email as a template and use it to create all future emails with the header and footer already in place.