May 26, 2017 114

Create an account

Create your Maker account

Visit this link to create a Maker account. 

Maker offers you the option to create an account using your Facebook or Twitter logins, or by using your name and email to create a new login.

Create your account using social media

To select the Facebook sign-in option, select the Facebook button on the top left. This will take you to a Facebook window asking you to confirm your account sync.

To select the Twitter sign-in option, select the Twitter button on the top right. This will open a Twitter window asking you to confirm your account sync.

Create your account using an email account

To create your Maker account using your Name and Email Address, simply enter your Name and Email Address in the log-in fields on the page. Then create a Password specific for your Maker account. Make sure to securely save your log-in details - including your password - for future use. (Tips on password security can be found on the Account Security page.) 

When you’ve entered all of your information, select the Sign Up button to finish creating your account.