Jul 25, 2017 12

Create a new template from a grid

How to create a new grid template

Saving your preferred grids as templates is a great way to save time when creating future stories.

All elements of your grid (photo layout, textbox settings, responsive layout etc.) will be automatically saved and applied to your new template.

To create a grid template, first select your preferred grid from within a live or draft story. Then, click on Save As Template from the contextual panel on the right.

Note: The grid can saved be in any mode (Advanced, Auto, Slider etc.)

A panel on the left side of the editor will appear. Enter the name, description and category (if desired) of your new template.

Click Save to save your new template.

Congratulations! You've created your first new grid template.

Note: Optimize your grid for tablet and mobile before saving as a template. That way, whenever you use the template in the future you won't have to do it again. To do this, you may have to turn on advanced grid mode to resize and move the objects as desired. Mobile always inherits tablet, so if you're working on both, make sure to optimize tablet first, then mobile.