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Change my account information

Change your account information

To change your account info, visit to sign-in to your Maker account. Click on your avatar icon located on the top right to open your profile options and select Edit Settings.

This will direct you to your account settings.

Update your password

You’ll first be directed to a page opened to the Password tab. 

To Update Your Password, stay on this page and enter your new password in the top open field labeled Password. Enter your current password in the field below that.

To confirm your new password, click Update.  

If you want to update your password but you can't remember your current password, visit I forgot my password

Add email addresses

To Add additional email addresses, select the Emails tab and enter a new email address in the Add New Email field. Click Add to confirm. 

Move through images to see more

To Delete an email address from your account, select the email you want to delete and click the Remove tag to its right.

Select a Default Collection

Go to the Collections tab to select a default collect. Simply select the desired collection from the dropdown menu.

Delete your Account

To Delete your account, select the Delete Account tab and click on the Delete Your Account button. A window will pop up asking you to confirm. Click OK to cancel your account permanently. 

This action cannot be undone.