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Using Templates

Using the template gallery

The template gallery is home to over 500 built-in templates. These templates help to speed-up the production and delivery of premium content to your site by offering pre-designed layouts for full-page and component designs.

Built in templates are divided into two main categories:

  • Story
  • Section

Story templates offer full-page designs. Browse story template categories such as Lookbooks, Landing Pages and Product Pages. 

Section templates offer component or section designs. Browse section template categories such as Call-To-Action, Contacts, Header and more. 

There is also a third category called Created which houses all of the templates you and your team-members build. (Click to learn more about creating your own story or section templates.)

Browsing templates

There are two easy ways to review and browse available templates before adding them to your page. First, you can hover over a specific template to see a full-scroll of the design. Clicking on preview will open the specific template on a larger modal. Alternatively, you can click on the full-width icon to see all template previews full-screen.

Adding templates

To add a template from the gallery, simply click on the + or Add button. this automatically applies the template to your existing story. Keep in mind that you can use multiple templates on a single story, especially when working with section templates.

Note: All pre-built templates use the Pro Layout Builder. Once you add a template in Pro Layout Builder, you cannot convert it into a different type of grid.

Custom Elements 

In addition to Story and Section templates, you can also find elements like  Smart Product Cards, buttons, custom grouped elements, etc., either created by your team or Maker saved as custom element templates under the Elements tab. To add a custom element to a story, follow the steps - Elements tab > Custom > click to add. Once added, you can replace the product ID or URL in the contextual panel to update the card with your own products.


To learn about how to create templates, click here