Jun 14, 2017 22

Add a link

Add a link to an image or textbox

You can add links to images or textboxes in a grid or in single form.

Select an image or textbox in your story and click on Add a link in the right side panel to enter the URL needed.

Link Options

After clicking on Add link, you'll see a menu of link options:
  • Link to Web Address
  • Link to Email Address
  • Open in Lightbox
  • Link to Anchor

Link to Web Address

To add a regular link to a web address, paste the URL in the link to web address field and hit Add Link.

Link to Email Address

To add a link a that generates an email, expand the Link to Email Address option and enter an email address and desired subject line. Upon clicking, the end user will have an email form ready to send from their email client.

Open in Lightbox

To open a web address in a lightbox (i.e. a pop-up modal rather than a new window), expand the Open in Lightbox option.

Note: Pages that can be opened in a lightbox are links that can be embedded on a website - i.e. a video, iframe, image, pdf, map. etc. 

Link to Anchor

Link a CTA button or image to another element in your story by adding a Link to Anchor. First, create the anchor desired on your page. (For a refresher on how to do this, visit this link). Then, select the Anchor from the Add Link options. The selected link will then direct your end-user directly to the anchor dropped on the page.