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Account Roles & Permissions

Team Roles & Permissions

We believe in teamwork, as well as security. Maker enables you to set specific roles for your team members, allowing you to moderate permissions wherever necessary.

Here's a breakdown of the available roles and corresponding permissions:


The most basic role with minimal permissions. Ideal for SEO Analysts or anyone requiring read-only permissions.

  • Access to stories manager
  • Access to insights in stories manager
  • Access to in-page insights for each story


Great for UGC content moderators. This role has all the permissions of an Analyst plus the ability to:

  • Approve / Reject UGC stories


This is the most common role for design and marketing team members. Editors have all the permissions of a Moderator plus the ability to:

  • Edit any team member's story
  • Create new collections
  • Add / remove stories from a collection
  • See any team member's draft stories
  • Cross-post to any social network or shop belonging to the team


This is the most powerful role and the default for account owners. Admins have all the permissions of a Editor plus the ability to:

  • Invite new members to the team
  • Delete any collection
  • Delete any story