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How solar atmosphere water generator can save the energy cost?

In the hot and humid regions, solar atmospheric water generator systems can be an excellent option, especially the areas where electricity is not available, and the quality of the water is also poor. The solar atmospheric water generators extract water from humid air by controlling the sun power instead of using electricity. Utilizing solar power is always very less expensive than using electrical power.

That’s why, Maithri Aqua, an Indian startup organization aims at reducing the global water crisis through improvement and manufacturing of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). As air water machines manufacturer, Maithgri Aqua is now becoming one of the top atmospheric water generator manufacturers as well as Atmospheric Water Generator Dealer in India.

Although there are several techniques are available, by using of which water can be extracted from air, which is the most common for domestic use and employs a procedure similar to the way air conditioners operate. In this way, warm, moisture-filled air is passed over a chilled surface medium to decrease its temperature. Because cool air can’t hold as much water as warmer air, the process of condensation forms.

In an air conditioner, the moisture is collected in a dish and the cooled air is circulated back in the room. In an atmospheric water generator, the moisture is harvested and filtered to excrete bacteria and particulates. The more the amount of humidity exists in the air, the easier for an atmospheric water generator system to harvest water vapour effectively. This method of cooling condensation of atmospheric water harvesting is very much popular, but it utilizes a lot of energy.

Where the generation of water using refrigerant is the main part of the water extraction process are famous, there is another extraction process of water specifically for small volume applications that may be more comfortable with solar power. For industrial as well as military applications, there are atmospheric Water Solutions that use a chemical process including special salts called desiccants. These salts absorb moisture from the air and then extracts the moisture from the salt. The exact procedure manufacturers employ is proprietary. Normally, it is accomplished by boiling the desiccants salts to create steam. Then the stem is condensed and harvested. When a vacuum is used, the process is very much efficient because a vacuum can be utilized to lower the boiling point of water, requiring minimum energy to generate steam.

In energy comparison, solar atmospheric water generator is very much cost-effective but there are certain things taking into consideration. Since high humidity is seasonal in several areas, atmospheric water generators operate most efficiently in the summer months.

Atmospheric water generator system also requires a relative humidity of approximately 40% or more than that and a temperature of at least a few degrees above freezing point to work effectively. This implies that there are certain times when any atmospheric water generator will have trouble extracting water from the air and other sources of water will be required. In case there is not enough light, solar atmospheric water generator systems are often equipped with electrical backup power. The generators will use solar power when it is available, otherwise, revert to electricity.

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