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Atmospheric Water Generator- Clean & Safe fresh Drinking Water Solution

Today clean, safe and fresh drinking water is one of the major challenges of the looming global population, and many millions of people are facing shortage or lack of access to the potable drinking water. Safe drinking water is accounted as one of the primary challenges in our day to day lives. In the future, it is going to be very complicated with the existing & increasing issues with the shortage of water supply. To address these issues we have so many atmospheric water solutions in the global market, and one of the best & productive is atmospheric water generator. Maithri Aquatech developed an advanced-technology based product Atmospheric water generator and believed it to play a crucial role in presenting the solution in the struggle for the safe and clean water today and even for the future.

In today’s world, the most abundant source of fresh and clean water is present all around us in the air that we breathe. With the Maithriaqua’s atmospheric water generator/air-to-water-technology the water vapor is turned out into water. It is hard for us to believe that we can draw drinking water from the air. And you may also have a doubt that extracting water from the air will affect our atmosphere. And there is no need to worry, as the mother earth nature’s own natural process will balance the moisture content in the atmosphere through the evaporation and condensation. Mathriaqua’s best atmospheric water solutions can continuously and substantially extract water from the vapor without impacting our planet.

How Does an Atmosphere water Generator work?

Maithriaqua is one of the reputed atmospheric water generator suppliers/manufacturers in India, where you can get reliable and efficient eco-friendly water-making machines. We present our products with the state-of-art water generating technology as Meghdoot (AWG) that is air to water generator machines. Meghdoot is an air to water generator that uses a distillation process. And it traps the moisture present in the air and condenses below its dew point to generate water with the help of heat exchangers. And our atmospheric water generators can collect water even in the low humidity conditions.

We the atmospheric water generator suppliers/manufacturers maintain the dew point in our water-making machines that will continuously draw moisture from the humid ambient air. Meghdoot comes with various capacities starting from 100 LPD (litres per day) to 1000 LPD. Our air to water generators, are energy efficient source of safe, clean and fresh drinking water even in the regions where no other relevant source of water exists. The atmospheric water generating systems are having filters to ensure purity, maintain pH, and add nutrients to the water. Our atmospheric water solutions adopt multi-filtration systems to provide various water like remineralised water, alkaline water, ultra-pure water, ionized water and etc.

Our atmospheric water generating systems operate like air conditioners, and they are optimized to produce the water out of air. Through Meghdoot(AWG) you can get an impressive amount of drinkable water that can comfortably fit and occupies less space. Atmospheric water generators are designed that can perfectly suit for domestic and as well as commercial uses. We can use AWG’s in our homes, offices, industries and etc.

Maithriaqua’s products are different from the conventional mass water source panels, as they consume less power and needs minimum maintenance. India’s best atmospheric water generator suppliers/manufacturers offer you cost-effective and reliable atmospheric water generators that can work in any weather conditions.

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