Jun 13, 2018 9

Best Coding Apps To Get Kids Started On Programming

The world has transformed. Our youngsters are living in a world where having a mobile phone, iPad, laptop etc., is as basic as having an electric kettle. Technology is everywhere and touching all aspects of our lives. Our children are blessed to be living in this golden age of technology. Coding is the cornerstone of all this technology, and in fact the building blocks of any programme you use. In the future perhaps we will reach a stage where computers will carry out the coding for us. Anyway, we will still have to make sense of the building blocks.

It's a foundational skill for your children to have living in this digital world. Coding does not merely help to think logically and critically but also makes the children creative. To say simply, our universe is a blank canvas while coding is the paint and paintbrush.

Here are a couple best coding apps for children and websites, that can get your kid started on their coding journey regardless of their age:

Fisher PriceThink & Learn Code-A-Pillar

This is an extraordinary app for your little kids to master sequencing and logic. The goal of the game is simple - get the caterpillar through the labyrinth by giving it commands to turn left, right or going forward. At every progressive level, the game gets more complex with the addition of more commands, like munching a leaf, hopping or swimming through water.

Code Karts - Pre-school Programming Preparation 4+

This is another awesome game designed especially for the younger crowd. Code Karts is based on the same concept that of the Code-a-pillar but with race cars. Your child can assemble race tracks and steer their cars through more than 70 race courses.


Getting onto grown up children now, Tynker is one that even educators adore. As opposed to an app it's a website, where kids from age 7 can learn coding with the help of games. Tynker is especially engaging to primary school kids as it further teaches them, to mod their own Minecraft worlds.

GoldieBlox: Adventures in Coding - The Rocket Cupcake Co. 7+

This is an interesting game that appeals to girls the most because its feminine. Anyhow, boys too love it equally. I say this because my 7 year old son loves playing around with cupcakes. This adventure packed game is about helping Goldiblox and Rubie Rails deliver cupcakes to all their friends. With countless riddles and sweet mine-games, your child can learn the fundamentals of sequencing, mental modeling, and debugging.

The Booeys

Booey is the ghost that helps the poor Lost reach their portal. As the levels get harder, your child’s logical thinking, attention to detail, and problem solving skills start to improve.


Hopscotch looks a great deal like Tynker and uses similar controls to, drag blocks into a workspace. Anyhow, it runs only on the iPad. Compared to Tynker the controls and characters are limited as well. Still Hopscotch is perfect for the beginners with no coding experience, learn the basics of programming.


No matter that your child does not pursue programming, these best coding apps for children will help them improve their problem solving, logical thinking skills and stimulate their creativity.