May 14, 2018 590

Life Lessons in Career and Value

I started my professional career a few months into twenty four. Of the many lessons both my father and grandfather had taught me, the ones that stuck out to me most were those which focused on the themes of creating value, pursuing growth, and striving for excellence.

I have always focused on these three pillars and spent the majority of my adolescence sporting the same cheap wallet for 15 years. Upon 24, this wallet was essentially in tatters, barely able to hold more than a few dollars at a time.

By chance, I walked into a Ghurka store around the holidays and immediately fell in love. The quality of craftsmanship, the timeless value, and excellent standard with which these products were made fit seamlessly into those values I had and continued to focus on.

I knew I had to own a Ghurka wallet and a few months later strolled into the midtown manhattan location ready to make my first Ghurka purchase. I quickly came to learn how popular Ghurka wallets are and found out they were sold out. Nearly 18 months of "out-of-stock" and waitlists, I finally got a call that they had a wallet in stock and had put it on hold for me. I couldn't get to the store fast enough.

A few years later and my career has evolved, my social circles have changed, and I've moved to the city. One constant is the quality craftsmanship and value with which my Ghurka wallet has possessed. I celebrated a time in my life when I had made it through uncertainty. Now whenever I pull out my wallet, whether it be in front of friends, family, clients, or coworkers the reaction is the same. Admiration of the value and quality. I can't wait to purchase a Ghurka wallet for my son one day and to pass on the values and traditions my father and grandfather passed on to me.