May 09, 2018 6

Beauty Of Pakistan

On my tour of Pakistan I saw a lot of beautiful places and the Sacha point is one of them the lake flowing the green forests. It was great fun as you can also use tubes to take a ride of the flowing river. It was very clean place as people were not there not much people know about this point.

I was guided by a friend of mine that lives there he told me to go there as it is a great place to visit and see the beautiful mountains and sceneries so i visited the place and I was amazed that these type of places still exist like no trash less people and every where we can see nature birds singing and the beautiful view. 

I would suggest you guys that if you ever get a chance to visit Pakistan go to Khyber Phaktoon khua and ask any good tour guide about Sacha point he will lead you there. 

Taken with :Xperia M5 Dual