High & Dry

A contemporary and highly functional dishrack inspired by architecture.

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If you have a clean modern kitchen, we wanted to create a dish rack that held enough sculptural beauty that you wouldn’t mind leaving it out on display. We also wanted to create a truly functional way to store glasses, which is not fully addressed by most dish racks on the market. The draining tray, also has a very simple flip spout, which allows you to choose whether you have the tray draining water into your sink or not. This allows to take the tray and use it separately from the rack, for drying your large pots and pans. 

The whole rack is made from a single injection moulding and folds using living hinges. We had to make many different paper models to really get this to work perfectly. The wave of the spikes was inspired by the architect Santiago Calatrava, who designed the Lyon Satolas station and new Ground Zero building.

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