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In a highly competitive category, we were challenged with creating a new brand of headphone products that brings lifestyle and taste to killer music. The goal was to make very lightweight headphones with removable, interchangeable speaker module for a modest price point with fashionable materials and overall form that appealed to the ultra-critical and hip music dj crowd and their fans.

The design needed to communicate a luxury feel, look and audio experience to a group of quality seeking, yet budget minded clique of free spirits. More than just a line of products, SOL looked to communicate their brand as a destination and a state of mind.

The headphones come correct with swappable headbands, cables and earphones to offer an audio experience and fashion statement that reverberate. They also boast a proprietary new polymer called FlexTech™, which makes the headset practically indestructible. By staying true to Sol’s love of music, we offered our fresh takes on the design of the headphones. We helped poise this robust brand to jump off the shelves and onto the ears of music lovers everywhere. 

Our process was informed by Sol’s earnest love of music and their need for a community based vision of their offerings. We guided SOL’s identity to a destination rather than just a static product. To relay that all music lover’s are connected to one another, we created a flexible logo and mark that gives Sol’s consumers the sense of belonging to an elite-yet-welcoming group of fashion forward music lovers. The flexibility of the logo and the nods to national flags and anthemic icons relay their offering of affordable headphones that deliver high-definition sound, impeccable style and nearly indestructible design.

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