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From box to boat takes just a few minutes.

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Combining traditional art with new technology, we are committed to connecting urbanites with the outdoors. Our Bay kayak goes from box to boat takes just a few minutes.

Our story started when designer and founder Anton Willis moved into a small San Francisco apartment, and had to put his fiberglass kayak into storage. Inspired by an article on recent advances in origami, he started sketching ideas for a folding kayak. A few sketches turned into countless paper models, and eventually—over 25 full-scale prototypes that were tested on waterways in the Bay Area and beyond.

In 2012, over 700 amazing Kickstarter supporters helped us launch Oru Kayak. We quickly set up an assembly facility right here in California, and have now shipped thousands of kayaks all over the world.

All of our kayaks are completely manufactured in the US, in a facility near Los Angeles. Here are some images that show the making of the Bay kayak...

Anton, at the factory examining the first prototype.

The body of kayak is made of one single sheet of white corrugated plastic. The orange plastic is the floorboard when assembled, and the lid when folded.

Cutting the corrugated plastic.

Tim, Oru Kayak’s manufacturing consultant, inspects the floorboards.

A long piece of plastic is extruded and soon to be bent into shape.

Cutting and screen printing hulls, as well as building bulkheads, footrests, and seats.

Final assembly, packaging, and shipping.

Ready for an adventure...

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