Tabletop HiFi

An amplified speaker cabinet that delivers a pure, rich sound from any audio source.

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High efficiency 2.1 channel Class D amplifier
Subsonic filter on Subwoofer Channel
4” Full Range Speakers with Titanium Cone, Solid Aluminum Phase Plug & Santoprene Surround
5 1/4” Long-Throw Woofer with Poly Cone and Rubber Surround
Adjustable Volume and Woofer Level Controls
1/8″ Stereo “Mini-Jack” Audio Input
110Hz 18/dB Octave Crossover
8 watts per channel Stereo / 15.5 watts Subwoofer


The Tabletop HiFi is an amplified speaker cabinet that delivers a pure, rich sound from any audio source. Designed by SYMBOL audio along with industry leading sound engineers, the Tabletop HiFi incorporates two 4” high efficiency full range drivers with titanium cones and a down firing 5 1/4” subwoofer for a full, deep bass response. A high efficiency 2.1 channel Class D amplifier with a 1/8″ stereo “Mini-Jack” allows you to choose your audio input. As technologies change, you can adapt with them to play high quality audio for years to come.

Now featuring Belkin Wireless Bluetooth Receiver, stream wirelessly from any bluetooth enabled device. Simply connect the included Bluetooth receiver to your Tabletop HiFi and pair the receiver to your iPod or iPhone via Bluetooth® v2.1 for reliable, high-quality sound. The compact Bluetooth receiver can be discretely hidden from view once connected.

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