Eau Good

A filter water bottle that uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal to make your tap water taste great.

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This was a great project to work on. The aim was to try and create a bottle design that harked back to old victorian bottles and had a modern, but almost retro utilitarian aesthetic. This is why we used a cork stopper and stainless steel lock wire. We didn’t want to use glass, due to fragility, but wanted to make it look like glass and have a similar visual appeal. The refraction of light in water can be beautiful and we took this into consideration when designing the shape. We also wanted to keep the design minimal and not add extra parts to lock the charcoal in place. It was a real challenge working out how to get the bottle to deform correctly and required lots of model making to perfect the design.

Helping the environment

Over 22 billion plastic bottles are discarded around the world each year. We aim to reduce this by making tap water taste better and encourage people to stop buying bottled water.

Ancient technology

Binchotan active charcoal has been used in Japan as a water purifier since the 17th century. It reduces chlorine, mineralises the water and balances the pH. The binchotan active charcoal can be used for up to 6 months and amazingly recycles for many different uses after this.

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