"Bombé" tea and coffee set

A special icon, a good example of creation from the heart. Of translating emotions into a product, born and designed out of love.


The romantic story of 70 years, forever captured within the timeless design of “Bombé”

In 2015 we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the "Bombé", and at the same time we celebrate a love story of 70 years. A love story which led to the creation of one of the most important icons for Alessi.

This story recounts events that happened in the 40s when Carlo Alessi returned home from the army.

Carlo was the eldest son of Giovanni Alessi, the founder of our company and when he finally was at home the father spoke to him. "It’s time to find a girl who is kind, affable, industrious and… why not? Also good looking!"

Germana, a beautiful girl at the age of 16, daughter of Alfonso Bialetti, the inventor of the famous “moka” coffee maker, was just what Carlo was looking for.

Their first date was a sunny afternoon bike ride by the Orta Lake and Germana went secretly. In those days, a young girl in company of a young man was carefully looked at, so Germana told her mother she had paid her respect to her belated grandmother.

This was the beginning of their long lasting relationship

At that time, it was a custom to share a cup of tea at the girlfriend's home, together with her parents. Germana’s mother, Ada Bialetti, had bought a beautiful porcelain tea set and used this to serve the tea.

Carlo was inspired by the shape of this tea set, but believed it could look so much better with an innovative design and in a different material. He went back to the factory and designed the "Bombé" tea and coffee set. 

This wonderful new set became soon after Carlo’s engagement gift to Germana, as a token of their love. And maybe, just maybe, it also helped Carlo making a very good impression on his future father-in-law.

Carlo and Germana had a beautiful balanced marriage. Carlo played a fundamental role in the development of the family company. Germana was the essential partner in his life, a committed supporter to him, creating the peace and tranquility he needed.

A lesson we can learn here, is that such a love story and the search for beauty, instead of just having the market in mind, led to the creation of a design masterpiece in Alessi's collection.

Still today the "Bombé" is in production, the same as it has always been done, even if the first production was in brass and now it’s in stainless steel.

A special icon, a good example of creating from the heart, of translating emotions into a product. 

A product to be there for a lifetime...

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