Aether Cone

The Thinking Music Player

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We founded Aether to make thinking things—beautifully crafted products that use powerful technology and simple, natural controls to make everyday moments nicer.

We see the future of technology unfolding in front of us, yet machines with incredible capability are still heavy with complexity. "There’s an app for that" means we can control things with our phones—but we don’t want to have to control one machine with another. Instead, we imagine a future where our devices understand us so intuitively that we can tell them what we want in really direct, uncomplicated ways.

Considered design

Cone’s unique form and beautiful materials will look great wherever you put it in your home. Cone comes in two colors: Black + Copper, and White + Silver.

Our design carefully considered the human hand. Cone's dial is easy to turn in one palm, and when you change the song or genre you will feel it fall into place with a soft, magnetic snap.

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