Pod chair

A large acoustic privacy chair, made of recycled PET felt.

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In our design and production processes, we are always looking at where environmental thinking and economic improvement intersect - resulting in minimal waste in every aspect. The way we utilise PET Technology, emphasizes this vision.

We believe PET Technology is one of the answers to ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements in contemporary interior design.

3 key facts:

- 1: PET it is a solution to a safe working environment. PET does not emit dangerous off gasses such as formaldehyde.

- 2: It is a face finished product, pin-able, slim and it can be used as a double sided or a single sided panel, giving it the desirable benefit of fitting into slim-line framing systems

- 3: Many workstations and wall panel solutions are using a substrate such as MDF, which is in turn wrapped in a foam backed fabric or complicated again to include pin-able materials. This results in a time consuming, costly construction and a workstation size that is unnecessarily thick. PET offers a sustainable, environmental friendly and economically attractive solution.

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