MINUS-8 watches are modern, wearable machines.

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MINUS-8 is a new brand that speaks to the tastes and aspirations of modern men. Our challenge with the first collection of products was to define a design language communicating the quality and craftsmanship of premium watches, and also deliver a completely contemporary point of view.

Built independently by a design consultancy, we are our own client, marketing firm, and line manager. In the process of developing these products and defining this brand, we gained incredible empathy for the clients we interact with everyday. 

The MINUS-8 watch references our dependence on time and change through a series of subtle color shifts, each step only visible in the context of the others.

This color shift is achieved through the process of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD.) PVD is an industrial coating process which is inherently time dependent. A raw stainless piece is placed in a vacuum chamber where a hard coating accumulates over time. More time in the chamber produces a thicker coating and a more opaque color. 

The first MINUS-8 collection. Edge in gray; Zone in black-gold; Layer in black-gold; Layer24 in black-red. 

MINUS-8 collaboration with N.I.C.E. Collective limited edition watch.

With a military meets space inspiration, we worked with N.I.C.E. collective to create a limited edition MINUS-8 watch. This version of the watch used stacked layers of coated steel in fading olive drab with custom Lume application and hand finishing. We kept the silicone band in gray, and added details around the face to make the Layer-23 watch a unique fashion piece.

We have created a collection of products each with its own icon that is unique at first read, and builds upon a deeper functional story.

These icons are not cosmetic surface treatments; they are engineered into the product at the assembly level and offer flexible platforms for further variation, creating a collection of diverse products with strong visual brand DNA. 

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