The Peloton Bike

Take high-energy cycling classes taught by top instructors from the convenience of your own home.

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Peloton Cycle has built an entire tech-enabled ecosystem that brings the energy, instruction, and motivation of an indoor cycling class to any living room.

The Inspiration

The idea for Peloton came to John and Jill Foley when they realized that they loved spinning classes, but could never find the same energy and motivation when working out at home. He set out to find a way to utilize technology to transform the home workout, quickly assembling a team to help realize the ambitious goal.

We spent about 18 months developing and prototyping the system. The result is a combination of stationary bike, computer system, physical studio space with great cycling instructors, and software to connect it all as well as integrate key gamification and social elements. We launched a Kickstarter campaign in mid-2013, to large success, and raised another $10.5 million in 2014.

The Making Of

The design of the bike itself is impressive all on its own. The chain is replaced with a smooth and quiet belt drive. A magnetic system is employed in place of typical brake pads. The compact frame is constructed with carbon steel, and the micro-adjusting seat easily accommodates any rider.

As for the computer, the sweat-resistant screen is 4x the size of a typical tablet–plenty large enough to watch the instructor while video chatting with other cyclists. The system is sleek and quiet, and made to fit right in to any living room –no more hiding in the basement!

Here are some photos documenting the design and prototyping process that went into making Peloton Cycle:

Evaluation boards in the early days.

Team members Graham Stanton, Chris Sira, Rich Couzzi, Swarna Anananon, and Yony Feng testing the streaming system.

Yony Feng and Scott Milstein unveiling the first official prototype.

Tom Cortese setting up the sound and streaming system.

Above, John Foley with a later official prototype. Below, palettes of bikes mid-assembly.

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