Soma Carafe

The best thing to happen to water since hydrogen met oxygen.

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The Design Process

For the carafe, Mike Del Ponte approached Joe Tan and Markus Diebel of Moreless to create the most functional, beautiful and sustainable water filter possible. 

“We were compelled by the idea and took on the challenge,” says Joe. “Equally inspiring to commit to this project was Soma’s connection with Charity Water and the underlying goal to help solve one of the globe’s most pressing problem: providing clean drinking water access to people in need.”

Joe explains a bit more about their design behind the carafe and filter:

"We started to explore the conception of the brand from a naming and identity perspective, and collaborated with other creative minds in this process. We were also investigating the issues users were experiencing with current water filters and began concepting a variety of ideas. In the end, Mike and his partners pushed us to pursue the hourglass concept that was the most iconic but also the most challenging one in terms of material choice, execution and physical size and handling constraints. Through many rounds of prototyping and testing we were able to overcome a lot of these constraints and were very happy with the end result keeping the compromises to a minimum."

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