"9090" espresso coffeemaker

The best-loved Alessi coffeemaker by Richard Sapper

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The first espresso coffeemaker in the Alessi history, the first object designed for the kitchen after the '30's. Also the first Compasso d'Oro award (in 1979) and the first Alessi object on display in the Permanent Design Collection at the MoMa in New York.

"I consider it a homage to my grandfather, that is the father of my mother, Mr Alfonso Bialetti. He was the inventor, designer and producer of the first Italian espresso maker - the very popular cast-aluminium, inexpensive Italian espresso maker." Alberto Alessi


Alberto Alessi approached Richard Sapper originally to work on a different project, namely to design a very nice cutlery for Alessi. In the end they decided to not do a cutlery but to do the cutlery, but to design a coffee maker.

"I wanted to give this coffee maker som advantages that others don't have. For instance, the possibility to wash it only with using one hand. I wanted to make better use of the flame, so I widened the base of the pot, in order to protect the handle too. I didn't want to have a plastic handle, because sooner or later they all burn, and so the coffee maker has to be thrown away. And I wanted to make something that didn't look like a coffee maker.... an espresso coffee maker like this is not a coffee maker: It's a little steam engine!" Richard Sapper

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