Fade Task Light

A high performance light that people can use everyday in the office and at home.

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Light has unique properties that can change one’s mood, ignite the development of new ideas and facilitate moments to be shared and remembered. In honor of this, we created a high performance LED task light that is beautiful, affordable and highly functional… the Fade Task Light.

The Fade Task Light works in any environment – home, office and the spaces in between. It is fluid and adaptable with an articulated arm that can be smoothly adjusted 120 degrees yet remains firmly in position thanks to hidden magnets.


The intuitive dimmer and color temperature slider control on the iron base allows the light output to be precisely set to the perfect color and luminosity, and an integrated USB port in the base keeps your mobile devices charged and ready to go.

The Fade Task Light is available in four unique color and die cut pattern configurations that were inspired by light and the organic patterns they can create.

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