The 80cm Galileo :: Handcrafted World Globe

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Based on the design of the famous Blaeu globe, our version of the antique masterpiece hosts a modern map, available in the traditional Terrestrial model. The 80cm globe, is cradled in a majestic Oak base, aged brass meridian and deep horizon bands. Featuring its own unique colour system, the deep hues are created with many watercolour washes painted by hand in our London studio. A truly individual product, exuding quality craftsmanship and skill, the Galileo would not look out of place in a grand home, hall or workspace.

Globe Diameter: 80cm
Table Diameter: 120cm
Total Height: 135cm
Base material: Cherry and sustainable Oak in a variety of styles
Solid brass, hand engraved meridian with personal commissioning mark
Cartography: correct as of 2015
Finishing Materials: Sennelier watercolour pigment, UV resistant gloss

We ship to the UK and internationally, directly from our London premises.

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