The Bradley Timepiece

Designed in collaboration with the blind, The Bradley by Eone Time is a timepiece you can touch and see to tell time.

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Created in collaboration with product designers, engineers, and people with vision loss, The Bradley changes the way we interact with our timepieces by allowing users to see and touch the time. 

Our Inspiration

The Bradley is named after Brad Snyder. An ex naval-officer, Brad lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.

Exactly one year after he lost his vision, Brad competed in and won gold and silver medals in swimming at the 2012 Paralympics in London.

I’m going to show people that I’m not going to let this beat me. I’m not going to let blindness build a brick wall around me. I am going to find a way forward. --Brad Snyder

Along with many vision impaired users, Brad has supported and provided invaluable feedback through the development of our timepiece.

For the vision impaired, The Bradley makes day-to-day life possible without drawing attention to their disability. For sighted users, the Bradley offers a unique and discreet way of telling time— whether you’re in a business meeting, interview, or even dinner with the in-laws.

Building A Better Timepiece

The contemporary wristwatch is an amazing feat of engineering, yet it still relies exclusively on sight. In designing our tactile timepiece, we focused on beautiful form and exceptional function, creating an innovative design that maintains a minimalist, modern aesthetic. Rather than creating yet another wristwatch that requires the user to look at the face, we have come up with a creative alternative, a wrist accessory you can touch to determine the time. After all, telling shouldn't require sight.

Constructed from pure titanium, The Bradley is an elegant and durable accessory for all occasions and for everyone. Shop our collection at 

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