Sep 26, 2017 541

Faithful Companions.

A Ghurka® No. 101 Wallet. A Jack Russell Terrier. Both nearly 10 years old. Two constants in my life – essential parts of my daily routine. Witnesses to the passage of time

Acquired simultaneously. The No. 101 at New York’s Plaza Hotel where Ghurka® was part of its retail collection of luxury brands. The dog months later, taking the place of a recently departed Labrador Retriever.

No. 101 in Chestnut Is on duty 24/7 - work, play, formal occasions. And I am no stranger to men’s accessories. I own sixty pairs of shoes, thirty-six belts, seven watches, an array of sunglasses and too many ties to count – I have only one wallet. Proving true the adage  - a man’s wallet is the most important part of his wardrobe. It is also my most well-traveled accessory - thirty-five intercontinental flights, in addition to journeys to Argentina, Jamaica, Brazil. Fortuitously, it has never been lost. Only worn into a nice leather patina, its compartments expanded from use.

Adding to its charm, this wallet has evaded the naughty behavior of another Jack Russell, the companion of my companion. A small, tenacious female with a taste for the finer things in life and piranha-like teeth. Her path of destruction has included a Fendi® notepad, Ray Ban® sunglasses, a Gucci® loafer and most recently, a Hermes® travel clock. Apparently, she is aware of the significance of a Ghurka® wallet. Despite it being often left in plain view on the table top, she seems to know better.

Only recently, for my birthday, has this wallet been retired. In favor of a new one in Walnut. A gift from the mischievous terrier to atone for her past misdeeds. The aged Chestnut No 101 shall remain – holding fond memories of the past.