Jun 22, 2017 2

My old SONY Walkman MW-FS222

I have 49 years old and living on one of the last comunist country of the century,

Cuba Island, when i was young boy the goberment prohibited hear american music or

radio stations because the cold war ,then i receive this gift from a friend, i love

hear radio stations from far away countrys, the radio of this walkman is for me one

of the best receiver, because have lots of adjust for near or long distance stations

best tunning, the MegaBass is Magic to boost the quality sound of Stereo FM stations,

so from my Camaguey city i receive and tune from 9:00 pm, AM stations and FM stations

from USA, Florida State. This old Radio have contributed to my culture, so i want

congrats the SONY Team for make this! Today is working very fine the radio, Cassette

is broken because the age and exaust mechanism but when work i hear good 80´s and 90´s

artists recorded on audio cassettes, today i have one SONY HF 90 minutes Cassette like

new! and the hearphones i use are HiFi from a Cell Phone, with this radio i am happy

like a boy!.

Thanks again!

Luis Gonzalez Perez