Apr 29, 2017 8

Island of Giants

Rapa Nui (or Easter Island as us foreigners know it), has always been a dream destination for me for along time, so I was thrilled to spend a week there in 2016.  Located 2,300 miles west of the Chilean coast, the location, the people, the culture and the nature combine to make an unforgettable experience.  I've stayed at Explora resorts before and Explora Rapa Nui did not disappoint as their incredibly knowledgeable guides helped me understand the history and how it influenced the building of the giant moai sculptures and the cultures that came after that period.  And the water!  I've never seen an ocean that blue!  A horseback trip to the highest point on the island was particularly special, along with picnics by the beach.  And my Sony DSC-HX90V was my best companion to capture it all.