Apr 25, 2017 37

Hemp versus the Clothing Industry

We are a group of four students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Our backgrounds range from graphic design to accounting to industrial engineering but our interests all revolve around nature and being outdoors. We found out that the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and decided to build a business that would address that issue. 

Bract Company presents hemp as the answer to that problem and it is our goal to spread awareness of the possibilities it offers. We are doing this by creating hemp clothing that connects our consumers to the environment we love.

Hemp textiles are the solution to clothing industry pollution for two reasons. One, its sustainable. Two, its functional. Here's a bit more info on that:

With all these benefits in mind, you should also know that hemp can be used to make over 50,000 various products ranging from construction materials to lip balm. 

Regardless, because we are a small startup composed of college students, we are offering just four products to begin our journey of informing and growing into an influential entity. These two products are the Pioneer Raglan and the Pioneer 5-Panel.

For each product purchased, we also plant two trees. While the production of our shirts is a carbon negative process (hemp fields sequester 9.8 tons of CO2 per acre per year), the shipping and supply chain logistics side is not. Our calculations indicate that the two trees we plant for each product we sell will allow us to be a legitimately carbon negative company.

Our plea and motto is to "help us, help you, help nature." Please let us help you contribute towards a movement to sustainable fashion. Let us inform you of hemp's benefits and provide you with products that demonstrate those benefits. But, most importantly, help nature by spreading this information and by enacting a sustainable mindset towards the clothing we wear.