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Kate Koeppel

Kate Koeppel (pronounced Kep-ul) Design is a graphic design and product design studio in San Francisco.

  • Likes 2
  • Views 439
Shwood Eyewear cover
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Shwood Eyewear

Handcrafted natural eyewear created from the finest materials. Experiment With Nature.

  • Likes 2
  • Views 209
Tung Chiang cover
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Tung Chiang

I am the Heath Clay Studio Director in San Francisco.

  • Likes 26
  • Views 1538
Branch cover
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We are an Industrial Design & Branding firm founded by the award winning duo Josh Morenstein & Nick Cronan.

  • Likes 15
  • Views 580
mohinders cover
mohinders avatar


well-made. versatile. sourced right.

  • Likes 11
  • Views 807
Jeff Sheldon cover
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Jeff Sheldon

I founded Ugmonk with a mission to produce high-quality products with a minimal design aesthetic and intense attention to detail.

  • Likes 16
  • Views 991
Moreless cover
Moreless avatar


We create meaningful experiences by distilling designs down to their essence.

  • Likes 13
  • Views 2382
OHIO Design cover
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OHIO Design

We design and manufacture high quality, affordable, modern furniture in our San Francisco studio and workshop.

  • Likes 13
  • Views 674
Back to the Roots cover
Back to the Roots avatar

Back to the Roots

We're on a mission to make food personal again, and inspire families to ask "where does my food come from?"

  • Likes 15
  • Views 1628

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