Apr 29, 2017 4

Grocery Shopping with my Family - Sound so Simple, but it's everything. :)

Family is not only an important thing, it's everything. Every little moments spends with your family is better than finding diamonds in the needle, because those moments with your family is unrepeatable especially with kids at their current age. 

Shopping with family looks like a simple things to everyone, but the truth is many people out there wanted what we have, the time, the togetherness, the laugh, the joy, the happiness that we have, but they couldn't. For parents, it might be a simple thing, but for your kids, it is what their wish for, spent time with the parents in these busy hectic time.

At the end of the day, it's not how much money you have, or what car you drive, or what business title you own, or how big is your house, but it is more about dad, mom, and kids can laugh together at the simplest things.

Now that's a true real family story.