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Get rid of acne scars with natural remedies: enjoy no side-effects remedy

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Do you have excessive oily skin? This might be a reason for pimples on your skin. Are the acne scars affecting your facial beauty? You can get many creams and cosmetics that promise flawless skin tone. But, are they free from side effects? If you want to stay away from the side effects of acne creams and cosmetics, natural remedies are the best. We are going to discuss on how to get rid of acne scars in this article. Also, the remedies are natural and free from chemicals and cosmetics effect.

How to get rid of acne scars- top natural remedies

1. Coconut oil remedy

You must have simple coconut oil at home. You generally use it to nourish your scalp and hair follicles. Now, this can be a wonderful remedy to remove scars and acne from your face. There are some steps to follow in it:

 Take a spoon of coconut oil in a glass container

 Heat it to Luke warm

 Now apply it on the areas on your face and body where you can see the scar marks

 Moreover, use your finger tips to massage the area gently. Do this for 5-10 minutes

 Let this oil stay on your skin for an hour

 Lastly, use the warm water to rinse it.

2. Potato for acne

You must have potatoes in your kitchen. Most people don’t know that it is worth various beauty treatments. Also, you can get a smooth and acne free skin with potato remedy. Following are the steps of how to get rid of acne scars with potatoes:

 Take one potato and grade it

 Now take the graded potato and extract the juice out of it

 Also, use your fingers to gently apply the potato juices to the areas where you have acne

 Leave this for 20 long minutes

 Then rinse with cold water.

Potato contains high starch. Thus, this is very helpful to make the blemishes scars fade. Slowly, it makes the scars completely go away.

3. Honey

Another wonderful natural ingredient to treat scars of blemishes over your face and skin tone is honey. It is quite easy to get honey in your kitchen. Thus, you can use it to remove acne from your skin in natural way.

 Apply honey over the scar areas

 Use a bandage or gauze to cover the area overnight

 Wake up and wash the area where you applied honey.

Alternatively, you can crush 2-3 aspirin tablets and make power. Mix it with honey and apply it over the scar area. In addition, leave this for 15 minutes and wash away with Luke warm water.

4. Apple cider vinegar

You can easily get apple cider vinegar in the market. It is also used in many kitchens. Following is the process of remove acne with apple cider vinegar:

 Take few drops of apple cider vinegar. Mix it with equal amount of water

 Now dip and cotton ball and bring it to your acne scare area

 Let it be for 5 minutes

 Then you can rinse away


The above mentioned natural remedies are good for acne scars. Also, it is advised to use them on a regular basis. Using any one or two remedies twice or 3 times in a week will resolve your query on how to get rid of acne scars.