Jul 22, 2019 0

Remodelling your kitchen? Here is what you need to consider

Every passionate householder knows how painstaking it is to decorate and remodel your kitchen. When remodeling a kitchen, everything has to be prim and perfect because this is that one area of the home that stores maximum material.

Since the kitchen is the place from where life energy flows through the entire house, it has to be given special attention. Be it the built-in kitchen hoods, the cutlery table or the laminated plywood sheets used on the cabinets, everything has to be in order and maintained properly. Don’t know how? Fret not! Here is where you need to pay attention to.

Deciding the height of the Backlash

The height of the backsplash is usually one of the first decisions you’ll make. You’ll need to decide how high you want your backsplash to be. A lot, of course, is dependent on the cabinetry. If you want fewer kitchen wall tiles then you can extend the backsplash till the bottom of the cabinet. Since walls cabinets are highly susceptible to corrosion and degradation, make sure you get it laminated from best manufacturers in India. If your preference is more of a spread, you can bring your backsplash to the ceiling in areas where there are no cabinets. These include the sink or the stove area as well.

Colour or Neutrals

Now, this can certainly transform the entire look of the kitchen. You can either adorn it in classical Victorian style or add a jazzy vibe to it by adding some whimsical colors. We can understand that a neutral shade lacks an immediate impact like the colourful one, but it really adds a lot of character to your kitchen if you are lover of simplicity. One needs to have a lot of clarity in vision to choose the right colors, materials, the pairing of the tiles and overall color combination. Some people like color while others are drawn towards the serenity a neutral zone evokes.

Pay attention to the budget

Remodeling a kitchen does not mean you need to splurge huge sums on it. Be clear about the budget in your head and plan everything accordingly. There will be too many things to be considered such as wall tiles, sink, cutlery table, cabinets etc. We certainly don’t ask you to compromise on the quality but you can do cost-cutting by knowing what fits your kitchen the best. For instance, as far as decorations is concerned, you can consider bordering a few hands painted pieces with classic white field tile. This will add an artistic appeal to your kitchen without piercing a hole in your pocket.