May 06, 2019 6

Give your kitchen an interesting look with these 3 tips

If you love to cook, you surely spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes and baking cakes. For some of us, keeping our kitchen organized and well-maintained is extremely important. In fact, most women love to keep it clean and equipped with latest technology, so that they always have a good space for experimentation. Especially with the commencement of modular and/or open kitchens in houses, people have become conscious about the look of its interiors.

Interestingly, making your kitchen look alluring isn’t a difficult task if you know some simple tips and tricks. Here we present you three interesting ways to give your kitchen an overall splendid look.

Choosing the right colour scheme

Usage of a simple border of mosaic along the backsplash in kitchen tiles adds visual interest and ties the countertop material to the floor colour. It also makes it really easy to pick a shade for the walls. You can get the tile set right below a decorative cap tile to give it a distinctive look. For those who don’t mind splurging money, stone finish laminate on the cabinets and crockery table will certainly add another layer of perfection. If you want to stay economical, run a border of tile, and rather than using a decorative cap, pick a standard bullnose tile piece that is typically used to finish off the field tile. You can also try stained concrete with sleek tiles for modernising the space.

Install perfect furniture

Kitchen cabinets and crockery table is an indispensable part of modern kitchens and one must pick it with precision. Though, many people tend to gravitate towards UPVC material because of economic reasons, nothing can beat the charm of wooden cabinets. Since Indians live in harsh climatic conditions, laminating kitchen furniture becomes indispensable. We suggest you to only go for best laminate brands in India such as Archidply as they ensure a long shelf life.

Getting classic handles and faucets

The charm of having a traditional kitchen with rich details will never fade. A classic faucet is a must in such kitchens along with pale wall paint. You can also use glass or cubist glass in the cabinet doors along with classical retro handles. Go for darker stained walnut cabinets to counterbalance the charisma of a light wall paint. Maintain harmony between all the kitchen furniture so that nothing looks off balance.