Jun 24, 2019 0

hey, hi, hello - 2019

you can call me 'visty'. 

by day i'm an Art History/French student, working through the summer before my final year of college; by night i'm an electronic music artist creating music under the genre of 'fantasy synth'. nine months of the year i'm nestled in a sleepy city within the blue ridge in Virginia; the remaining three in the suburbs of North Carolina. i left my soul in the Philippines, where i was born and raised, and my heart in a studio in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. 

i'm a sun gemini and a moon libra with a rising scorpio. my favorite band is The Zolas, but my favorite song is Varsity by Smith Westerns. if i'm not deep in the heart of an art museum or gallery you can find me in my bedroom or in transit- always creating, always inspired. 

other factoids: the playlist (making and receiving) is my love language. i love worldbuilding and speculative fiction. i experience chromesthesia, auditory and lexical-gustatory synesthesia (it's the life blood of my art). however, the foundation, the common thread of my work, lies in Paramsea- a fictional realm I have nursed and cultivated since the fifth grade. it is a magnificent queendom, with its own history, language(s) and culture, and my baby. everything i have made so far up to contain traces of my world in its lines, in its notes, in each and every letter. 

perhaps this is why i created larvisty; to share the story of this world, to evoke it through its history or course of events or its characters that mirror our own experiences. to tell the stories of those invisible or powerless, to give those same individuals a voice. 

either way, this will be the journey of a lifetime, and i cannot wait to spend it with you. thank you for stopping by. don't forget to listen.