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Pre-Employment Drug Testing and the Return on Investment for Employers

Unfortunately, the majority of the employers today are NOT inclined to conduct drug tests for their new hires and employees. And the same has been confirmed by several recent studies. What is even more saddening and surprising is that the percentage of employers that opt for employee drug testing decreased as compared to what it used to be in the mid-90s, i.e., 80%.

However, we bet no small or big business would want to contribute to this majority once they are aware of the amazing benefits of employee drug testing.

So, what might be the reason behind this? Has substance abuse declined? Are the employees today less likely to be drug addicts than what they were two decades back? Not at all! And this evident by the fact that the businesses dealing in drug testing in Frisco and elsewhere are still operating.

Truth be told, drug usage, specifically in case of marijuana and prescriptions drugs, is increasing rapidly. Facts reveal how the epidemic levels of drug abuse are being reached and soon will be crossed. The situation is alarming. But then again, why would employers want to ignore this fact? Simply because they fail to realize the benefits of getting their employees tested through mobile drug testing in Frisco.

From direct and short-term to indirect and long-term, there are several notable benefits of drug testing.

Employee Drug Testing and the Return on Investment

Let’s talk numbers for a bit. The average cost that an employer needs for drug testing in Frisco per employee is while the turnover cost for a new, inexperienced employee amounts to around 6,600. Furthermore, studies reveal that those taking drugs are two times likely to switch 3 jobs a year. This way, that comes out to be the final figure of losses that an employer has to bear because of avoiding drug testing will be simply dreadful.

Factually speaking, pre-employment drug testing presents a return on investment ratio of 4:1 even when it is a done at a relatively smaller scale. Would you really want to forego that? Very likely not!

The Last Word

As much as people like to believe it to be true, substance abuse in actuality is nowhere near being eliminated. In truth, it is actually increasing at an alarming rate in the United States and worldwide. People today are using more drugs than what they used to consume for the last couple of decades. And while we can’t do the exact calculations of the overall impact substance abuse can have on businesses or calculate the exact figures of losses, there is no question that the numbers will be hefty.

It is the employers’ responsibility to make workplaces safe for everyone and they have the right to take measures that bring more benefits than costs in the long run. Drug testing in Frisco is one such program that the employers should take into consideration and organizations like USA Mobile Drug Testing are more than willing to help those who are willing. Visit the website for further information or to register!

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