Sep 06, 2017 135

Ladies That UX NYC + SONY Life Space UX: Transforming Design through Space

During 2017 NYCxDESIGN, I attended WantedDesign, an event dedicated to promoting design and fostering a creative community through innovative installations, memorable products, interactive experiences, and workshops/talks. After booth upon booth of exciting products, I came across something different – a doorway leading to a room that appeared to be a furnished modern-chic studio apartment.

With some mood music playing in the background, I walked past a bookshelf filled with videos and images projected on the wall, to sit down on the sofa in the living area to read the marketing collaterals laid out on the table by a glass lamp. Unlike the other booths outside, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what were the products being “pitched” were.

It was there I learned the space was part of SONY Life Space UX.

It turns out the music playing was coming from the glass lamp on the table. The light bulbs hanging on top of the dining room table were speakers too! There was a projector on the floor that displayed images on the wall at 22”( or could be as big as 80”.)

I met Yoshiko Matsuda, the US Head of SONY Life Space UX, and she explained that instead of designing items that were add-ons to a space, the focus was on creating new products that blend seamlessly into everyday environments and enrich our daily lives.

As UX designers, we understand that customer experience is influential in shaping people’s expectations. Rather than “here is the product” brick and mortar stores, what SONY did was create an experience to transform design through space. At their hands-on NYC showroom, SONY Square, the product mix rotates every 4-6 weeks. Guests are encouraged to interact with friendly associates, and of course, the ability to test and experience how all these products work together allows for a more emotional connection with the brand and therefore better engagement with the consumers. After all, some of the products have to be seen to be believed. SONY is more than TVs, Playstations, and cameras, as I quickly found out! 

As the organizer of Ladies that UX NYC, our goal is to foster an inspirational and supportive community for women in UX through informal networking and lively discussions/events in NYC where we can positively promote and learn from each other. We don’t run for profit but seeks to make the world of work better for women around the world :) Wanting to share the experience, it was wonderful to have Yoshiko chat with us and see how creativity and imagination can inspire product design, transforming space through design, and a great way to celebrate Ladies that UX's 4th anniversary. Thank you all for attending and your support and hope to see you at a future event!