Jan 19, 2017 333

Love at first sight/flight

A week prior to graduating college I saw a Ghurka bag for the first time. I had never heard of the brand but the quality was undeniable.  I worked as a Bellman at a W hotel throughout college so I had pretty much seen every bag out there but this one was different.  I found the bag and decided it would be my graduation gift to myself.  I took it on a trip to New York later that summer and got stopped several times.  That bag was unfortunately stolen but have bought a few bags since and I get asked about them every time I bring them out. I'm a forever fan of Ghurka and have since marketed the brand to several friends and strangers who have stopped to inquire.  

PS The picture is the only one I have of the stolen bag. A friend who adored the bag borrowed it and tagged me in the picture saying he was taking it on an adventure.  He returned it but a few months later it was stolen.  :)