May 30, 2017 793

Sarpincik Lighthouse -   Karaburun/TURKEY

My name is Koray Ozpalamutcu a.k.a. @kthegroove on Instagram. I am a landscape, nature and architecture photographer from Izmir-Turkey.

Before I planned to go for shooting, I checked the weather forecast on 27th May morning like I did always. Then I decided to visit Sarpincik Lighthouse , which takes an hour to Izmir, the city I am living in. It was an enjoyable journey because the spring has just come here, the blossoming trees and green fields beyond me felt like a paradise.

However the route was surprisingly a mess, no direction sign at all and narrow road on the cliff edge was the line between death and life. As I drive so slowly, the magnificent view appeared in the front.

The sky took on shades of orange sunset, the colour gave you amazing moments. 

It was a fantastic opportunity for me to appreciate all the great photos of the landscape that weekend. 

I used Sony Alpha a7II camera and Sony 16-35mm Vario-Tessar T FE F4 ZA OSS Lens. The photos were taken compressed RAW format as always and edited with Lightroom.

I have shared some of them in my account @kthegroove on Instagram.