Apr 05, 2017 216

The Story Behind Koch & Co.

Where did the name 'Koch & Co.' come from?

We are proud of our heritage and the Kochher's have been in the shoe industry for over 3 generations now. We launched our brand, Koch & Co. as a nod to our past, but also to redefine ourselves as a contemporary start up.

What makes your shoes different to other brands?

Our shoes are made by hand at every step of the process, using traditional shoe construction methods. Our artisans have been in the craft of shoe making for an average 30 years. Their experience is what makes the quality and finish of our shoes second to none.

What inspires your collection?

Our products are designed by my partner and I in our atelier in Berlin and the city plays an essential role in inspiring our styles and collection. We aim to offer a minimal collection of classic men’s shoes, selecting only those designs which can pass the test of time and be considered ‘timeless’. We design our collections for young entrepreneurs like ourselves, who are looking for sustainable fashion at a reasonable price.

What does 'made to last' mean?

Made to last means that with proper care, our shoes can last a lifetime. Since the shoes are handmade with Goodyear welted construction, they can be re-soled at any point, and the full grain leather we use means the will only look better with age as the shoes develop a beautifully rich patina over time. We were tired of the fast fashion shoes on the market, that were cheap but only lasted one season. We wanted to provide classic styles that men could wear season after season.

Where are your shoes made?

Our shoes are made in my home town of Agra, India. Agra has a rich heritage in the art of shoe making, since the Mughal period. My grandfather played a pivotal role in opening up the Indian shoe industry to the world around 50 years ago. Now, Koch & Co. hopes to deliver this quality and experienced craftsmanship to the rest of the world, starting with Berlin. We are passionate about keeping the art of shoe-making alive in the age of mass production, and providing fair and sustainable conditions to our artisans, who are as much a part of Koch & Co. as the shoes themselves.

What is your design philosophy?

As our shoes are crafted for longevity, we thought it was important to keep our designs classic and timeless, while keeping in mind our modern consumers. We know how difficult is is to pick a pair of shoes, so we wanted to keep it simple and pick four classic designs, the Monk Strap, Captoe, Oxford Brogue and a Loafer.